Sense of Pleasure

Part 1. black-and-white-blur-blurred-background-789264

Yet another day working from home me and Bella (the dog)… most loyal bitch I know. Luckily she can’t tell the what she’s seen lol

The time that I have spent alone, learning what pleases me sexually has been a exploration consumed by myself. A plea for assistance would be beneath my interior and exterior. If the map of self can’t be explored.  How can the exploration of other adventurers be appealing to the appetite?

Living life as a bisexual man isn’t the breeze of fresh air that gay guys seem to illustrate in there illusion of the LGBT life. LGBT the proper manner of putting things into prospective.

The assembly of our divine lips grasping the breathe of another can be the depths of the deepest seas unknown. The life you pull from my spirit, a breathe of mine precious to life, I grace you with. Extending the longevity of yours

True Loves kiss heals, intensifies and generates a warmth to not be felt, like no other. The door to unlock and relax the soul for another to enter.

The beginning of the effort to tame and announce submission


Copyright 2018



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